The Concept

Pure luxury

Pure luxury is all about a unique product specifically designed for and around you.
Pure luxury is more a question of experiencing subjective, discreet, unequalled emotions than mere self-indulgence or showing attitude.

Unique choice

The chance to own an entirely handmade pair of shoes, made for your feet with your choice of design, shape, colour and precious materials, is the exquisite concept wich lies behind this hand-crafted product with typical tiny imperfections contributing to bring it to life and show its custom made character.

Intimate occasion

The man we cater for is the true protagonist of his life, and this is exactly what he is looking for.
The shoes he wears epitomize his will to hunt for and live out self-fulfilment and ultimately create a pleasure experience, an Intimate Occasion for gratification.

The manufacture

The measurements

The measurements, the mold of your feet and all the necessary informations are retrieved at the atelier, ath the tailor’s or wherever you prefere, for our craftsmman to create a pair of shoes which fit your feet perfectly.

Customized model

We strongly believe in costumization and that is exactly what we deliver. Beside to the dedicated last, with the measures of each customer and with his choice of style, we can also realize a molded insole wich follow and accomodate the volumes of the feet.

The choice

Everyone can choose his own model in between those we propose, from the traditinal and classic to the modern and updated, with classical last shape or new design, or we are aslo happy to receive your suggestion in the design phase to be complemented with the beautiful colours and precious materials selected from our catalogue.

The care

The finest tailor's

Togheter with his watch and sometime the tie, shoes are the true hallmark of a man’s class and elegance.
As all handmade products, every single pair of shoes we deliver receives a final finishing test before it gets assembled.

The finishing and delivery

As soon as we are sure it is perfectly feet, we pack the product and delivery wherever you prefere.

Everyday companions

All these special production process and careful attention to details turn your shoes into pure jewels: fine and precious, they will protect and take care of your feet as great everyday life companions.

What we do

"io uomo" made to measure and bespoke shoes

"io Gentleman" made to order and customize shoes

Coming soon

About us

The shoes "io uomo" and "io gentleman" are created and designed by Patrick ZAMPARINI and manufactured by expert artisans using only selected materials. Every pair is unique and we do our best to satisfy the needs of comfort and style of everyone.
Nice objects make people happy.

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